Tuesday, November 26, 2019

My Update On Myself and Sid

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Things Looking Good ! My Update Sid and I

I am in the progress of moving  near my sweetheart Sid by Friday. I will have moved about 4 to 7 minutes  drive in a Limo Special Van to take me and bring me back to where I will be living. 

To-morrow Sid will have his new Wheelchair.   He is in pretty good spirits.   This Hospital is so nice. As you can see.

I now can bring him down to where pictures we took .  Main Lobby. 

Thank you for your prayers. 
I do have right now a health issue. I have a pulled muscle in the groin pop up. I have some pain killers to get me through this move and beyond that. How I got it. I will never know.  I had xrays showing. It was a long wait in Emergency at the Hospitial Sid is at.
Over for hours wait. One doctor to like 40 people. Crazy.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Up Date Regarding My Hubby Sid And I

Sid has a friend Rae who he sits with for lunch when nurse takes him by wheelchair  there. I have gotten to be friends with his wife. So talking one day. I mentioned I wanted to get a place so I do not have to travel so far to see Sid. Second day back at the dining room. She said I have a Niece who is planning to rent her basement apt. It is really beautiful. Nothing dark about it. Windows she has pretty little curtains up. So it is light the rooms. It has Wi-Fi, Washer And Drier, Dishwasher, Netflix's, Central Air-condition for summer.  It is spacious living. So the lady said. I will phone her to-night if you would be interested in it. Oh she said. She is a 911 Operator. How good is that.  And seeing you have sciatic on and off. There is a Transit Bus that will pick you up from the house and bring you back to the house. It is like 4 minutes a way to see Sid at the Hospital.   My mouth dropped a mile. Family went to look with me. They said it is lovely. 

So I am moving in in two weeks. Plus she the owner has a Electric Chair put down the stairs for me after the movers have been. Getting the proper people to install it professionally.
I can use it any time needed or put parcels on it to go down the stairs.  All this is a miracle. There is a bed sofa if I want . I can get all my furniture in it. Storage space lots. The kitchen is nice and long. And two bar chairs I call them if I want them.

I am so excited.  For three months my daughter and son have had to travel each day to see Sid. And it has been very stressful. As one cannot stay too long. We always have to leave there  to beat the traffic going to cottages or to Toronto.   
Another good news ( Sid has been measured for a better wheelchair  to get about. He can use his good hand to wheel the chair but being so hard for him to sit on the old wheelchair for his bottom. I pray the one we pick for him will help him considerably.  So there is many activities we could go too in the hospital.
Sid has a voice so that is great and always humor and funny faces. He had speech therapy at first and his mouth has corrected its self. He has a good hand . With me beside him. We can I am sure participate in a couple of things. We both are people persons. So we will manage. My grown adults will still visit but it will be much easier for them to come at there own time. As both work as well. And some weekends. Friends have been up alot in nice weather but with Winter soon  to stay. It may be hard to be more steady. That is okay. The Lord has provide for me. 

Ross Memorial  Hospital

We are sitting across from it.  People come through front Entrance.
This hospital was the hospital  I had  both knees done. I had the most wonderful surgeon. Unfortunately months later he was killed by a Truck that jackknifed and killed him. He was loved by all. Only 49 Years old.


My Hubby and I having a treat from Daughter.  Sid had to make a face.  Licking Good

                                                Before this Stroke Happened.

We had thrown him a Surprise party for his 80th.
                                            Granddaughter Melissa 

Was open House  for his 8Oth. He loved it.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

I am Back

                                It has been trials and tribulations but everyone has been so kind in encouragement and words and Prayers. Thank you so much.  My husband had a crisis Stroke. He is left with his Torso paralyzed. He cannot sit himself or walk. He has had therapy now three months steady. Still unable to be the man he was. To a frail man with alot of emotions. Knowing he is different..
I am having to put him in a Long Term Home. I am unable to handle him physically. He needs a Hospitial lift to get him in his wheelchair and back in bed. It needs the professional  staff of nurses to do that and it takes two  of them.  So now waiting for the move to one of the places we really like for him. Sadly it could take 5 years or more. I want him near me so I can see him daily. Right now he is still in an Hospital  where it is far traveling both ways. So anyone who feels they can pray for the chosen place I picked . Lord make it happen. Lets believe it can happen soon. Not years but very soon. I pray. He is 80. We have been blessed with 58 years married. 

This is him with oldest Grand girl.    This  is when he could sit, walk and be so Happy. It breaks my heart. I have to move from my apt as he is in another town.

 You never know what to-morrow brings. Even his  personality changes. Something you really have to accept . You cannot turn back the clock. And of course I love him now as he is. That will never change.

  So enjoy every moment with your loved one.

 Daily the Lord is giving me strength and his peace. I could not do it on my own. My family supports me and my friends.    I want to thank My friend  ( Nana Diane Takes A Break)  who posted Sids picture and asking people to pray for him.    Thank you for her viewers for encouragements and prayers.